Learn how ApplyEasy has helped CreditorWatch customers improve their credit process.

Brickworks 15-minute Response Time

With hundreds of credit applications processed daily, read how Brickworks saved 75% on resources as a result of using ApplyEasy above other products.

We can have an application processed, approved, opened in our system and the customer is sent a welcome pack within 15-minutes of receiving the application online - Brickworks Limited

Eliminate the Risk of Human Error

Customer on-boarding was time-intensive for Manassen Foods. Discover how Manassen Foods used ApplyEasy to improve internal processes while reducing risks.

The fact we can conduct accurate decisions without having to go through lots of information opens up much more time for our team to focus on other duties - Nova Entertainment

Case Study Metcash Limited

Find out how Metcash Limited reduced the time it took to receive, process and approve credit applications from over a week to 48 hours.

Case Study 3:46
Case Study Manassen Foods

After implementing ApplyEasy, Manassen Foods reduced the turnaround time for processing and setting up new customers.

Case Study 3:46

Kirby – Standardised and Paperless

Prior to ApplyEasy, Kirby Australia customers had to complete an 18-page paper application. Now, Kirby has saved thousands of dollars in paper, printing and resources and simplified the credit process for their customers.

Prior to going live with ApplyEasy, customers were forced to complete an 18-page paper application, we have saved thousands of dollars in paper, printing and resources - Kirby Australia

Automate Your Credit Applications

Find out how much time and money you can save by streamlining your credit application and client onboarding process. Contact us today.